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Our Vineyards

Stone Hill Winery owns seven beautiful vineyards totaling 182 acres, six of which are located within the Hermann Viticultural Appellation. The vineyards are comprised of the following varieties: Norton, Vignoles, Vidal, Chardonel, Cayuga, Vincent, Chambourcin, Vivant, Concord, Catawba and Traminette. Stone Hill also purchases Catawba, Concord, Norton, Traminette, Chardonel, Vidal, Seyval and St. Vincent grapes from several independent grape growers located throughout the state of Missouri. The Held family takes pride in their vineyards, and it shows.

Rauch Vineyard

The Rauch vineyard is located approximately three miles due west of Hermann on the bluff overlooking the junction of the Missouri and Gasconade Rivers. At 900-920 feet elevation, this site has excellent air drainage for spring frost protection. The deep loess soil on this site is Menfro silt loam. The Rauch vineyard has a total of 46 acres of grapes including the varieties Vignoles, Cayuga, Vidal, Chardonel and our prized ½ acre of pre-Prohibition Norton vines. Rauch, which means "smoke" in German, is the name of the original owners of this farm.

Kemperberg Vineyard

The Kemperberg vineyard is located approximately two miles southwest of Hermann. This vineyard is adjacent to the farm where Ed Kemper operated Hermann Grape Nurseries, which supplied most of the pre-Prohibition Hermann area vineyards with grape vines. The vineyard varies from 900 to 930 feet in elevation. The Marion silt loam soil on this site is considerably shallower then the Rauch Vineyard, which mandates the need for supplemental irrigation. The Kemperberg Vineyard has a total of 30 acres of grapes including the varieties Norton, Vidal and Vignoles.

Weingarten Vineyard

The Weingarten Vineyard is located seven-and-a-half miles south of Hermann on Highway 19 at the intersection of Highways 19 and Z. The vineyard is at an elevation of 900 to 920 feet. The relatively shallow soil is a Weingarten silt loam. In German, Weingarten translates as "wine garden." The early soil scientist who named this soil series obviously felt it was ideally suited for the production of grapes. The Weingarten vineyard has a total of 19 acres of grapes including the varieties Vivant, Chambourcin and Vincent.

Cross J Vineyard

The breathtaking Cross J Vineyard is located less than one mile west of Hermann on the steep river bluffs overlooking the Missouri River. From the vineyard elevation of 880 to 900 feet, the terrain drops rapidly to the river below providing incredible air drainage. The deep loess soil, like the Rauch Vineyard, is a Menfro silt loam. This 10-acre vineyard is planted entirely to the Norton grape.